For newlyweds, a honeymoon is certainly the most exciting event of their wedding. It provides you time to explore and enjoy each other leaving all the stress behind you. It may also set the tone for your future adventures and not to mention the memories that you will take and cherish all your lifetime. Whether you are a beach person, mountain climber, foodie, or likes to explore new cultures, there are breathtaking and fantastic places near and far that will certainly complement your idea of romance. Here are the top 10 honeymoon destinations for 2021 around the world.

1. Maldives

Maldives, the island nation, is popular with honeymooners, especially the ones living in South Asian countries. It’s a perfect honeymoon spot for people who love seclusion and adventures. With its picture-perfect private villas suspended over blazing blue waters, its white sand beaches provide a spectacular scenery of sunsets. Situated in the Arabian Peninsula, Maldives is approximately 500 miles southwest of Sri Lanka.

2. Fiji

Fiji is our number two ranked hot-spot for a perfect honeymoon destination. A set of 333 islands is the source of attraction for lovebirds of all kinds. It is a tropical gateway consisting of glittering sands, sparkling waters and exotic resorts. It is yet another ideal place for people who love seclusion and a good-time to spend with their partner. It is located 1,300 miles from New Zealand mainly in the Pacific Ocean.

3. Santorini

Santorini, famously known for its colorful beaches, consists of two inhabited islands and several islets. It is primarily suited for those honeymooners who have the plans to spend their honeymoon for more than a few days, enabling them to drink in all Santorini has to offer. Situated in the southeast of Greece at a distance of about 120 miles, Santorini is to be found in the southern Aegean Sea.

4. Bali

Bali is already quite famus when it comes down to best honeymoon destinations. It is believed to be a piece of heaven on earth. The only difference between Bali and heaven is that you can actually visit Bali in your lifetime. This island is so famous that most people would not even know that it is located in Indonesia, as it has its own repute and identity. When people hear Bali they automatically imagine breathtaking landscapes, beautiful volcanoes, and sandy shores. Most common activities in Bali are spa treatments, sunbathing, and exploring local cuisine. There are many ancient temples that can be explored by adventurous couples while trekking on different volcanoes. In one line, Bali is a day come true.

5. Tahiti

Tahiti is an all-rounder deal for honeymoon destinations. Beautiful shoreline, dozens of resorts, and French cuisine you may even die for. There are beautiful leafy forests right beside the shores. There are two halves of Tahiti joined by a tine land bridge. Tahiti Nui is the larger northern section where Papeete can be found. Tahiti Iti is the smaller section which is more difficult to access. However, many adventurers make the trek to Tahiti Iti for seclusion.

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6. Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a small island, just about 6 miles long and 2 miles wide, overflowing with pure beauty. There is a dead volcano that is located in the center of the island and fans out into a beautiful lust jungle. James Michener in his book ‘Tales of the South Pacific,” calls Bora Bora “the most beautiful island in the world.’ Bora Bora could be presented as a definition of tropical gateway. It contains luxurious resorts, beautiful skies full of stars, warm waters, and friendly and welcoming locals. You can do activities like snorkel, explore Mount Otemanu and much more.

7. Amalfi Coast

This Italian coastline is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has over 5 million annual visitors. Turquoise waters of Mediterranean, multicolored towns, sky-touching coastal cliffs create a beautiful and breathtaking scene. The coase and the adjacent towns are connected by a highway which is believed to be one of the most beautiful and scenic drives in the world. Luxurious cliffside resorts, Italian dining, ancient villas of the alpine town of Ravello, stunning ocean views are some of the things that will be etched in your memory for years to come. 

8. Kauai

Kauai is famous for its seductive sunsets, serene beaches, and aquamarine skies making it one of the best places for honeymoon destinations. Resorts here are no taller than a coconut tree. There are only two major highways and some places can only be explored on foot or on boats. If you have got the spirit, you would also need a good pair of hiking boots and an umbrella.

9. Florence

This small city in Tuscan hills casts a long shadow through history. Florence sheltered the powerful Medici family and inspired famous artists like Michelangel and Brunelleschi. If you could only ignore the fashionable Italians you might as well think that you had traveled back in time to the 14th century. With beautiful people and art you also get to see gorgeous sunsets, Italian cuisine and its romantic charm. 

10. Phuket

Ah, another island. Beautiful limestone cliffs, white sparkling sand, crystal clear waters await honeymooners who visit this small island of Phuket in Thailand. From accommodation and food to boat rides and spa treatments, almost everything comes with a relatively low price tag here. Travellers may also get a beautiful flavour of it reigning religion: Buddhism.