The year 2021 is fully-set to embark on a journey where some of the most awaited and finest action movies are to be released. In this blog however, we will be providing an insight on the top five upcoming movies in 2021. This is to hope that the COVID situation relaxes and people enjoy these star-studded movies back in where they are enjoyed the most i.e. THE CINEMAS!

The King’s Man; March 12th

The movie presents the collection of history’s worst criminals and tyrants that gather up to wage a war with the motive to wipe out millions from the planet. This is where a private-secret intelligence agency with the name of The King’s Man takes on their chances to bring this to a halt. The movie is set to be released on the 12th of March with some of the renowned actors and actresses playing their part in bringing a package of action and fun. 

The King's Man
No Time to Die

No Time to Die; April 2nd

With the movie’s plot not being that unique, however, No Time to Die is being impatiently waited for the screen-time action it promises to its viewers. Also with one of the favorite James Bond played by Daniel Craig, and the Oscar winning Rami Malek playing a role with the title Safin, the movie is being expected to be the finest one in all of James Bond history. The plot of the movie revolves around Bond leaving the intelligence and living a peaceful retirement life when one of his friends in CIA comes up for help for old time’s sake to get hands onto a mysterious villain equipped with a dangerous new technology. No Time to Die is expected to be aired on April 2nd of this new year. 

Black Widow; May 7th

One of the most prominent and loved heroes in all of the Marvel industry; Black Widow is set to have its own solo movie expected to be released on the seventh of May if all went well. With her role coming to a tragic end in one of the emotional scenes from the movie End Game, the fans are ecstatic to have her back. The movie will mostly revolve around her initial days as to how Scarlett Johansson (we mean: Black Widow umm Natasha??) attains all her glory. 


Black Widow
Godzilla vs Kong

Godzilla vs Kong; May 21st


Well well well, though the title of the movie Godzilla vs Kong looks quite awe-inspiring it also leads to the thoughts as to who came up with this strange yet beautiful idea of a battle between two of Hollywood’s most prominent giants. Besides discussing the storyline here, let’s wait and see how the directors have put it out hoping it not to be a cliche. The movie’s new release date has been set to be May 21st.

F9, May 28th

The Fast and Furious industry has been quite reputable for the action and stunts it always comes up for its viewers, though the storyline is considered not to be that thoughtful and engaging. However this time the movie is being impatiently awaited since it promises an epic battle with a newly introduced villain none other than Dominic Toretto’s own brother. F9 is set to release on a newly scheduled date; May 28th!