What is www.thezaal.com?

The Zaal is a platform for anyone and everyone who wants to be heard and/or engage the community via images, videos, text content, etc. Our sole purpose is to ignite and cultivate thoughtfulness in the younger generation of the planet Earth. 

Can I find The Zaal on social media?

Yes, The Zaal can be found on Facebook on this link. 

Can I Contribute for The Zaal?

Yes, we highly recommend you to get in touch with us with your idea/proposal.

What can I find on The Zaal?

You are most likely to find articles written by members of the community, news, gallaries, videos, etc. The content is mostly tailored for the younger generation. 

Do I need to sign-up/in?

No sign-up or sign-in is required to access the content of this site. 

Is the content authentic?

Yes, all the content on The Zaal is authentic. All due credits are given to the contributors.